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Who are we?

We are a fusion of traditional beekeepers and eclectic health enthusiasts, who have no tolerance for impurities and love to bring wide palette of flavors.

Our honey is cold extracted from the hive, transported and packed immaculately into our eco-friendly jars.

Our saffron is hand-picked and delicately handled to keep it just the way nature intended.

Our shilajit is collected from mountain ranges of Himalayas by our expert trackers who risk their lives to climb those world renowned most dangerous mountains just to extract a handful of this product.

Our oils are extracted using cold pressed or solvent extraction methodology while making sure that these oils retain all their flavor, aroma, and nutritional value, making these oils great for cooking, skin, hair & body care requirements.

Our Kehwa & herbal tea still carries the centuries old traditional way of mixing the best organic ingredients which have proven track record of keeping the people of Himalayas healthy, sharp and greater life span. It not only has great fragrance, rather it has immense disease prevention and health benefits.

Each activity and decision is guided by a set of values, set in stone by the founders of this company:


  • Bee Pure
  • Bee Tasteful
  • Bee lively, fresh & healthy
  • Bee caring & friendly

    Be Pure: The primary focus of our venture is to preserve the God gifted nutrients stored within the rich goodness of Himalayan honey. Our unsullied process of extraction filtration and storage allows us to preserve & deliver wholesome nutrients directly to YOU. Read more about it (Link to “Our Process” page if you want to make one)

    Be Tasteful: Wholesomeness isn’t really whole if doesn’t make your senses tingle. So we deliver honey made from some of the most exotic & wildest flowers known to mankind. For those of us who are slaves to their taste buds, living healthy just got a lot tastier. See our range of flavors (link to the main page where products are shown)

    Be lively, fresh & healthy: The entire effort of preserving the purity and taste of our honey revolves around the idea of bringing more energy, health and joy to your lives. To take a deep dive into the countless undeniable benefits of honey made from different sources, visit our products (link to main page) and choose the flavor that best suits your demands.

    Be caring: To bring more good to this world we must also stop what harms it. That is why we have gone to great lengths to minimize our ecological footprint. Our logistical process has minimum wastage & emissions and our packaging is made from recyclable and biodegradable materials.